CV ≫ statement



 このように、さまざまな側面が見られ、状態が常に不安定であるように感じるのには、私が対面してきたいくつかの死や喪失にあると思われます。 それは身近な人が亡くなったことや、私自身が交通事故により一時的に記憶をなくしたことです。




Through the creation of sculptures and installation works. 
I'm thinking about what it means to be human.

To me, the human being seems at times to radiate a strong sense of life, at other times to be so fragile that it seems to crumble like a sand statue, or so ephemeral that it seems to disappear into the atmosphere and scatter.
 It seems to me that some of the deaths and losses that I have come face to face with have caused me to feel that there are so many different aspects to this and that the condition is always unstable. It was the death of someone close to me and my own temporary loss of memory due to a car accident.
 These experiences caused me to have doubts about whether I was alive or not, and to feel a sense of wonder that not only I, but all human beings, were standing there, existing.

The creation of a figure or a human form is an act of checking whether one's consciousness dwells in one's body, and to continue to feel the impermanence of human existence.

​2020.5 momo sasanoi